Type theory, here I come…

For Christmas my parents got me a copy of Types and Programming Languages. w00t! I started reading it today on the subway coming home from work. Unfortunately I’m kind of anal about reading prefaces, introductions and so on, so I haven’t gotten to any actual substance yet. Tomorrow probably. Now I can finally put into a coherent, rigorous framework all the little bits of knowledge about type systems I’ve picked up here and there… =)

Also, last call for submissions to the Carnival of Mathematics! I’ll be posting it at midnight Thursday/Friday (or possibly early Friday morning), so it would be great to get submissions by 2pm tomorrow.

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One Response to Type theory, here I come…

  1. Anand says:

    Congrats! Having just stumbled on your “Math Less Traveled”, and seen your obvious appreciation for the beauty side of math, let me vouch for learning type theory in a complete, systematic way. It is deeply elegant.

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