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Typed type-level programming in Haskell, part I: functional dependencies

The other project I’m working on at MSR this summer is a bit more ambitious: our headline goal is to extend GHC to enable typed, functional, type-level programming. What’s that, you ask? Well, first, let me tell you a little … Continue reading

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Improving GHC’s constraint solving

So I’ve been here at MSR Cambridge for almost two weeks now (!), working in the Programming Principles and Tools Group with Simon Peyton-Jones and Dimitrios Vytiniotis — and also collaborating with Stephanie Weirich and Steve Zdancewic, who are also … Continue reading

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Summer in Cambridge

Today was my last full day in Philadelphia for a little while (spent very enjoyably at the US’s first zoo and our favorite local pizzeria and brewery). Tomorrow evening I’m flying to the UK, where I’ll be spending three months … Continue reading

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