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Draft of my TMR article on multiset partitions

Here’s a draft of the article I’m writing for hopeful inclusion in the upcoming issue of The Monad.Reader: [EDIT, 11/10/2007: I’ve removed the draft version since it seems that people are finding it from searches and reading it without realizing … Continue reading

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Mapping over a nested functor?

The other day I had a triply-nested list of type [[[a]]], and found myself applying this function to it: sort . map sort . map (map sort) This annoyed me. I want a way to say, “map this function over … Continue reading

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Inspired by this totally sweet paper by Calkin & Wilf (read it for more details, it’s very short and quite elegantly written) (no really, you should read it): import Data.Ratio buildHB (x1:x2:xs) = (x1 + x2) : x1 : buildHB … Continue reading

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