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cabal init

During the Hackathon in Edinburgh last year, Benedikt Huber and I worked hard on adding a new feature to cabal-install. It eventually made its way into the codebase and has now been a part of cabal-install since version 0.8.0. However, … Continue reading

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Functional pearl on combinatorial species

I’ve just submitted a Functional Pearl to ICFP explaining combinatorial species in a way that is (hopefully) accessible and interesting to functional programmers. You can read the draft here — as always, comments, suggestions, etc. are welcome (although it’s too … Continue reading

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Haskell anti-pattern: incremental ad-hoc parameter abstraction

Recently I’ve found myself doing the following very ugly thing. Perhaps you’ve unwittingly done it too—so I thought I’d share the problem and its solution. Suppose I’ve written a function foo: > foo :: Int -> Result > foo n … Continue reading

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