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Typeclassopedia — a generic response

Thanks for all the fantastic feedback on the Typeclassopedia! Please keep it coming! Such an outpouring of helpful comments and suggestions deserves a response, so I just wanted to write a quick note to say that I am reading every … Continue reading

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The Typeclassopedia — request for feedback

I have just submitted a draft article for inclusion in the Monad.Reader entitled “The Typeclassopedia”. I will let the abstract speak for itself: The standard Haskell libraries feature a number of type classes with algebraic or categorical underpinnings. Becoming a … Continue reading


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a chicken monad

Yesterday, Mark Dominus took a picture of me eating a monad: It was a delicious Chicken monad. data Chicken a = Chicken (Egg a) data Egg a = Egg (Chicken a) instance Monad Chicken where …(exercise for the reader)

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