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Type theory, here I come…

For Christmas my parents got me a copy of Types and Programming Languages. w00t! I started reading it today on the subway coming home from work. Unfortunately I’m kind of anal about reading prefaces, introductions and so on, so I … Continue reading

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Carnival of Mathematics #23 — call for submissions

On December 28 I’ll be hosting the Carnival of Mathematics over at my other blog, The Math Less Traveled. If you have any interesting math-related posts you’d like to submit (CS-related posts are fine—even encouraged—as long as there’s some sort … Continue reading

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A word to the wise

If you only implement the less than operator in a custom Ord instance (on the theory that “I know I only need to implement one operation to get defaults for the others, and less than makes sense, since you can … Continue reading

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an application (haha) for darcs

So, I’m currently in the process of applying to grad schools. Since no grad school application would be complete without the venerable personal statement, I have written a generic personal statement template which makes me sound totally awesome (…because, of … Continue reading

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