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Ally Skills Tutorial at ICFP

I just signed up for the Ally Skills Tutorial at ICFP, and if you are (1) a man who (2) will be at ICFP in Vancouver, I encourage you to sign up, too! From the website: The Ally Skills Tutorial … Continue reading

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Monad.Reader #13 is out!

Issue 13 of the Monad.Reader, which includes a revised version of the Typeclassopedia, is out. This version of the Typeclassopedia contains many updates and revisions. There are also three other great articles in this issue of the Monad.Reader, I hope … Continue reading

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The Typeclassopedia — request for feedback

I have just submitted a draft article for inclusion in the Monad.Reader entitled “The Typeclassopedia”. I will let the abstract speak for itself: The standard Haskell libraries feature a number of type classes with algebraic or categorical underpinnings. Becoming a … Continue reading

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