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Enumerating linear inhabitants

This is post number four in an ongoing series (#1, #2, #3) exploring the combinatorics of linear lambda calculus. In this literate Haskell post, I exhibit some code for enumerating all possible linear inhabitants of a given type, making use … Continue reading

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Counting linear lambda terms: choice and correspondence

In my last post, I showed how to write down polymorphic types with numbers of linear inhabitants given by products of factorials and Mersenne numbers, but left open the question of types with five linear inhabitants in particular, and whether … Continue reading

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Counting linear lambda terms: Mersenne numbers

In a previous post I posed the challenge of coming up with polymorphic types admitting certain numbers of linear inhabitants. (If you didn’t see the previous post and want to puzzle over an interesting lambda-calculus based problem, stop reading now … Continue reading


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