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I’m having a great time in Edinburgh so far! I’m currently at Heriot-Watt University for the International Summer School on Advances in Programming Languages, learning some interesting things but more importantly meeting interesting people. I’m also looking forward to meeting … Continue reading

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New 2D text layout library

I’ve just uploaded to Hackage a small library, boxes, for 2D text layout/pretty-printing. This is something I’ve wanted a couple times and have heard others ask for—Text.PrettyPrint.HughesPJ, as nice as it is, is intended for pretty-printing only linear output (such … Continue reading

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Going on vacation

Later today I’m leaving for a two-week vacation, and I will probably have only very occasional Internet access. If at any point over the next two weeks you wonder why I {didn’t moderate your comment, didn’t put out the Haskell … Continue reading

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Species operations: differentiation

Continuing my series describing my new combinatorial species library, today we’ll take a look at the operation of differentiation. You may remember that the Species type class has an Algebra.Differential constraint, which, as I previously explained, transitively implies an Algebra.Ring … Continue reading

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