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Unexpected benefits of version control

Last night I dreamed that I had shaved off my mustache, and my wife was not happy about it. But in the dream, I couldn’t remember when or why I had shaved. Suddenly, it occurred to me: when I merged … Continue reading

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Thanks for the responses to my previous post about finding roots of polynomials; I now have some new avenues to explore. But today I want to write about something completely different. I recently stumbled across this fun paper by Miguel … Continue reading

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The divided difference track

My wife and son made a train track corresponding to the regular expression of divided differences, :

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Unsubscribing from Wolfram emails (rant)

I have been getting a bunch of emails from Wolfram and decided I wanted to unsubscribe.  No problem, right?  I’ll just scroll to the bottom of the email and click the… To view our privacy policy, click here: To … Continue reading


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The Haskell Alphabet

Here’s a little something I’ve been working on in bits of spare time here and there for the past five months or so: The Haskell Alphabet I seem to recall it was inspired by a conversation in #haskell around the … Continue reading

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The random graph

Today in my finite model theory class we learned about the Rado graph, which is a graph (unique up to isomorphism among countable graphs) with the extension property: given any two disjoint finite sets of vertices and , there exists … Continue reading

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A strange dream

Last night I dreamed that my dad had this really dangerous pet lizard (it was poisonous and really strong—kind of like a Komodo dragon but somewhat smaller). My dad was gone and it started to get really agitated and angry—it … Continue reading

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a chicken monad

Yesterday, Mark Dominus took a picture of me eating a monad: It was a delicious Chicken monad. data Chicken a = Chicken (Egg a) data Egg a = Egg (Chicken a) instance Monad Chicken where …(exercise for the reader)

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Fad diets are like burrito tutorials

Today at the top of my Gmail inbox was a link with the promise to explain “How I Lost 42 Pounds in 2 Months. Just Obey this 1 Rule, That’s All.” It occurred to me that fad diets are like … Continue reading

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