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Binders Unbound

Stephanie Weirich, Tim Sheard and I recently submitted a paper to ICFP entitled Binders Unbound. (You can read a draft here.) It’s about our kick-ass, I mean, expressive and flexible library, unbound (note: GHC 7 required), for generically dealing with … Continue reading

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Diagrams 0.2 release

After meaning to get around to it for quite a while, I’ve finally released version 0.2 of the Haskell diagrams library. Here’s the release announcement. And here’s one of my favorite examples showing off the new path support: I made … Continue reading

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Have you ever had a string like this “abc;def;ghijk;lm” and wanted to turn it into a list of strings, like this? [“abc”, “def”, “ghijk”, “lm”] Of course, you could always use a parsing library, or a regular expression library, but … Continue reading

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New Haskell diagrams library

For the past week or so I’ve been working on an embedded domain-specific language for rendering simple diagrams with Haskell, and I’m excited to actually release version 0.1 today! You can now find it on Hackage. Version 0.1 is still … Continue reading

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