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Swarm virtual hackathon

This Wednesday, December 14, we will have the first (annual? monthly? probably somewhere in between…) Swarm swarm, i.e. collaborative virtual hackathon. Details can be found here on the Swarm wiki. Time: 8am-5pm CST / 9am-6pm EST / 2pm-11pm UTC (feel … Continue reading


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Swarm alpha release!

The Swarm development team is very proud to announce the very first alpha release of the game. There are still many missing features (for example, saving games is not yet possible) and known bugs, but at this point it’s quite … Continue reading

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Swarm: status report

Swarm is a 2D programming and resource gathering game, written in Haskell. I announced it last September and gave an update one week after that, but haven’t written anything since then. However, that doesn’t mean development has stopped! Since last … Continue reading

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Swarm: a lot can happen in a week

It’s been about a week since I put out an announcement and call for collaboration on a new game, Swarm. Since then, the response has been fantastic: lots of people have tried it out, a few have even streamed themselves … Continue reading

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Swarm: preview and call for collaboration

For about a month now I have been working on building a game1, tentatively titled Swarm. It’s nowhere near finished, but it has at least reached a point where I’m not embarrassed to show it off. I would love to … Continue reading

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Idea for a physics-based rolling ball puzzle game

For quite a while I’ve had this idea for a cool game, and had vague intentions to learn some game/physics framework well enough to make it, but I’ve finally admitted that this is never going to happen. Instead I’ll just … Continue reading

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Conversations with a six-year-old on functional programming

My six-year-old son walked up to me yesterday. “What are you reading?” At the time, I was reading part of Janis Voigtländer’s habilitation thesis. Unsure where to even start, I decided to just answer straightforwardly: “I’m reading a very long … Continue reading

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Pan-Galactic Division in Haskell

Summary: given an injective function , it is possible to constructively “divide by ” to obtain an injection , as shown recently by Peter Doyle and Cecil Qiu and expounded by Richard Schwartz. Their algorithm is nontrivial to come up … Continue reading

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