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What would Dijkstra do? Proving the associativity of min

This semester I’m teaching a Discrete Mathematics course. Recently, I assigned them a homework problem from the textbook that asked them to prove that the binary operator on the real numbers is associative, that is, for all real numbers , … Continue reading

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Competitive Programming in Haskell: modular arithmetic, part 1

Modular arithmetic comes up a lot in computer science, and so it’s no surprise that it is featured, either explicitly or implicitly, in many competitive programming problems. As a brief aside, to be good at competitive programming it’s not enough … Continue reading

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Unexpected benefits of version control

Last night I dreamed that I had shaved off my mustache, and my wife was not happy about it. But in the dream, I couldn’t remember when or why I had shaved. Suddenly, it occurred to me: when I merged … Continue reading

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Competitive Programming in Haskell: primes and factoring

Number theory is a topic that comes up fairly regularly in competitive programming, and it’s a very nice fit for Haskell. I’ve developed a bunch of code over the years that regularly comes in handy. None of this is particularly … Continue reading

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