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New Haskell diagrams library

For the past week or so I’ve been working on an embedded domain-specific language for rendering simple diagrams with Haskell, and I’m excited to actually release version 0.1 today! You can now find it on Hackage. Version 0.1 is still … Continue reading

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List convolutions

On the #haskell IRC channel a week or so ago, cdsmithus asked: An easy (hopefully) question. I have an infinite list. How do I get a list of ordered pairs of stuff from the first list? Several people suggested variations … Continue reading

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Collecting unstructured information with the monoid of partial knowledge

In my last post, I described what I’m calling the “monoid of partial knowledge”, a way of creating a monoid over sets of elements from a preorder, which is a generalization of the familiar monoid over a set with a … Continue reading

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An interesting monoid

The other day I was just sort of letting my mind wander, and I came up with an interesting monoid, which I’m calling the “monoid of partial knowledge”. So I thought I’d write about it here, partly just because it’s … Continue reading

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