The Typeclassopedia is now up-to-date

The title pretty much says it all: I have finally finished (I hope) updating the Typeclassopedia to reflect various recent changes to the language and standard libraries (such as the AMP and BBP/FTP). Along the way I also added more links to related reading as well as more exercises.

How you can help

I am always on the lookout for more exercises to add and for more links to interesting further reading. If you know of a cool exercise or a cool paper or blog post that helps explain/illustrate/apply a standard Haskell type class, please let me know (or just add it yourself, it’s a wiki!). And, of course, the same goes if you notice any errors or confusing bits.

Happy Haskelling!

About Brent

Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Hendrix College. Functional programmer, mathematician, teacher, pianist, follower of Jesus.
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10 Responses to The Typeclassopedia is now up-to-date

  1. Russ Abbott says:

    Brent, you do everyone a great service with all the work you do providing tutorial and other educational material. Thanks.

  2. Yitz Gale says:

    Semigroup is in base now, as of

  3. Please provide source for Typeclassopedia-diagram.png

  4. Profpatsch says:

    Maybe you should put an update notice at the top of the entry? That way inclined readers know that it’s up to date.

  5. arnaudbailly says:

    The small notice at end of the document says that “the author (as of 2011) is a fourth-year PhD student…”. While this is obviously a correct statement, it might due justice to the fact time has passed and the author is not a PhD student anymore.

    That said, thanks a lot for the hard work!

  6. Hi Brent!

    Typoclassopedia has been a great source for me to learn about all the exciting stuff behind Haskell type classes and Category Theory, thanks a lot!

    I decided to post my solutions to the exercises on my blog, but I’m pretty sure I’m not correct about all of the answers. Hopefully the answers will get fixed by help of others.
    Here is the link in case you think it could be useful in some way:

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