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Typed type-level programming in Haskell, part III: I can haz typs plz?

In Part II, I showed how type families can be used to do type-level programming in a functional style. For example, here is addition of natural numbers again: data Z data S n type family Plus m n :: * … Continue reading

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Improving GHC’s constraint solving

So I’ve been here at MSR Cambridge for almost two weeks now (!), working in the Programming Principles and Tools Group with Simon Peyton-Jones and Dimitrios Vytiniotis — and also collaborating with Stephanie Weirich and Steve Zdancewic, who are also … Continue reading

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Typeclassopedia in Japanese!

Satoshi Nakamura has published a Japanese translation of the Typeclassopedia. I don’t read any Japanese, but it sure looks cool, and I hope this will be a great resource for Japanese learners of Haskell. A big thank you to Satoshi … Continue reading

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Hac φ is underway!

Hac φ is now in full swing, with almost 20 people hacking away and more coming tomorrow. More news and pictures to come!

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Have you ever had a string like this “abc;def;ghijk;lm” and wanted to turn it into a list of strings, like this? [“abc”, “def”, “ghijk”, “lm”] Of course, you could always use a parsing library, or a regular expression library, but … Continue reading

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So I’ve taken over the editorship of the Haskell Weekly News, a job that would be completely insane without help from automated tools. Putting together an issue requires gathering information from a number of different sources, summarizing and compiling the … Continue reading

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New Haskell diagrams library

For the past week or so I’ve been working on an embedded domain-specific language for rendering simple diagrams with Haskell, and I’m excited to actually release version 0.1 today! You can now find it on Hackage. Version 0.1 is still … Continue reading

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