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Diagrams mentoring at Hac Phi

Hac Phi is coming up in less than a month, August 3-5 here in Philadelphia: three days of hanging out with awesome people, eating good food, and hacking on Haskell projects. Judging by past instances, I promise you it will … Continue reading

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diagrams slides

Today at Hac φ I gave a short talk about the past and future of the diagrams library. For anyone who is interested, I’ve put the slides up here. For the actual talk the slides had no text on them, … Continue reading

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Hac φ 2010!

Hac φ 2010 is starting tomorrow, and I’m super excited. I am finally buckling down to do some serious work on the newly redesigned version of diagrams, and it is going to be sweet. I know I’ve been saying that … Continue reading

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Hac φ roundup

By all accounts, Hac φ was a great success! 25 people attended (from as far away as Chicago, Toronto, and Utrecht) and we had a great time hanging out, eating good food, listening to some interesting talks, and, oh yes, … Continue reading

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More from Hac φ

Yet more pictures from Hac φ! This afternoon we were treated to talks by Dimitry Golubovsky (typed JavaScript generation), Edward Kmett (monoids library and monoidal parsing), Gershom Bazerman (DSL and quasiquoting for JavaScript generation), and Anton van Straaten (Gitit as … Continue reading

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Hac φ day 2

A few pictures from Day 2 of Hac φ:

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Hac φ!

If you live anywhere near Philadelphia (or even if you don’t) and you’re interested in spending a weekend hacking on some Haskell code with a bunch of other awesome hackers, you should come to Hac φ! Check out the official … Continue reading

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