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Typed type-level programming in Haskell, part III: I can haz typs plz?

In Part II, I showed how type families can be used to do type-level programming in a functional style. For example, here is addition of natural numbers again: data Z data S n type family Plus m n :: * … Continue reading

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Call for submissions: Monad.Reader issue 15

I’m excited to be taking over the editorship of the Monad.Reader. I’ll be putting together Issue 15 in January—the deadline for submissions will be January 8, 2010. Please consider writing something! You don’t need to be an expert; past articles … Continue reading


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Monad.Reader article (Multiset partitions)

I imagine that most who read this blog have already seen it, but for those who haven’t, my article Generating Multiset Partitions has been published in Issue #8 of The Monad.Reader.  In it, I discuss the problem of generating multiset … Continue reading

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