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I’m having a great time in Edinburgh so far! I’m currently at Heriot-Watt University for the International Summer School on Advances in Programming Languages, learning some interesting things but more importantly meeting interesting people. I’m also looking forward to meeting … Continue reading

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Going on vacation

Later today I’m leaving for a two-week vacation, and I will probably have only very occasional Internet access. If at any point over the next two weeks you wonder why I {didn’t moderate your comment, didn’t put out the Haskell … Continue reading

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Hac φ roundup

By all accounts, Hac φ was a great success! 25 people attended (from as far away as Chicago, Toronto, and Utrecht) and we had a great time hanging out, eating good food, listening to some interesting talks, and, oh yes, … Continue reading

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More from Hac φ

Yet more pictures from Hac φ! This afternoon we were treated to talks by Dimitry Golubovsky (typed JavaScript generation), Edward Kmett (monoids library and monoidal parsing), Gershom Bazerman (DSL and quasiquoting for JavaScript generation), and Anton van Straaten (Gitit as … Continue reading

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Hac φ day 2

A few pictures from Day 2 of Hac φ:

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Hac φ is underway!

Hac φ is now in full swing, with almost 20 people hacking away and more coming tomorrow. More news and pictures to come!

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BumpTop private beta invite

I just got an email with an invite to download the BumpTop private beta, but right now there’s only a version for Windows. If you want it, let me know.

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