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Patch theory thoughts, part I

So, I still don’t know whether I’ll actually end up writing a gobby clone in Haskell. But it’s already been a wild ride thinking about the theory behind it and some of the issues involved, and over the next few … Continue reading

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Type theory, here I come…

For Christmas my parents got me a copy of Types and Programming Languages. w00t! I started reading it today on the subway coming home from work. Unfortunately I’m kind of anal about reading prefaces, introductions and so on, so I … Continue reading

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Mapping over a nested functor?

The other day I had a triply-nested list of type [[[a]]], and found myself applying this function to it: sort . map sort . map (map sort) This annoyed me. I want a way to say, “map this function over … Continue reading

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Deducing code from types: filterM

The other day in #haskell a few people were trying to figure out how to generate the list of all sublists of a given list. Various people tried various kludgy things involving inits and tails and concatMap, none of which … Continue reading

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