Competitive programming in Haskell: folding challenge

As of this writing, I am the only person who has solved Origami on Open Kattis (see the problem statistics here). This is a shame since it is a very nice problem! Of course, I solved it in Haskell.

I challenge you to solve it—bonus points for using a fold in your solution!

About Brent

Associate Professor of Computer Science at Hendrix College. Functional programmer, mathematician, teacher, pianist, follower of Jesus.
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8 Responses to Competitive programming in Haskell: folding challenge

  1. j0sejuan says:

    Nice problem! Unfold the paper folding unfolded points xD xD
    `unfold ls p = length $ filter inside $ foldr ((=

  2. Ryan Yates says:

    Nice one! Good to see 100% Haskell solutions :D.

  3. plosique says:

    Interesting problem. The ideas to solve it can be easily applied to writing a pixel shader for origami.

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