Species and Functors and Types, Oh My!

My paper on combinatorial species and the species library (an improved version of my previous ICFP submission) has been accepted to the 2010 Haskell Symposium! I look forward to seeing people in Baltimore in September, and in the meantime the impatient can read the final version here.

About Brent

Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Hendrix College. Functional programmer, mathematician, teacher, pianist, follower of Jesus.
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2 Responses to Species and Functors and Types, Oh My!

  1. gasche says:

    To the reader of your previous ICFP draft, could you quickly sum up the changes you made ?

    • Brent says:

      Sure — the biggest change is that I’ve put a larger emphasis on the species library, showing a bit about how it works and some examples and so on. But beyond that there are a ton of small to medium-size improvements, including some typos and mistakes corrected, lots of things explained more clearly, more information on virtual species and a new section on molecular species.

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