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Hac φ is underway!

Hac φ is now in full swing, with almost 20 people hacking away and more coming tomorrow. More news and pictures to come!

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Have you ever had a string like this “abc;def;ghijk;lm” and wanted to turn it into a list of strings, like this? ["abc", "def", "ghijk", "lm"] Of course, you could always use a parsing library, or a regular expression library, but … Continue reading

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So I’ve taken over the editorship of the Haskell Weekly News, a job that would be completely insane without help from automated tools. Putting together an issue requires gathering information from a number of different sources, summarizing and compiling the … Continue reading

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New Haskell diagrams library

For the past week or so I’ve been working on an embedded domain-specific language for rendering simple diagrams with Haskell, and I’m excited to actually release version 0.1 today! You can now find it on Hackage. Version 0.1 is still … Continue reading

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FringeDC talk

My FringeDC talk has now been uploaded to Google video! A huge thanks to Conrad Barski, who took the effort to actually record the video and then wrangle it into digital form. Without further ado: My FringeDC talk The slides … Continue reading

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Gobby, Haskell, and patch theory

On a couple of occasions over the past few days, I’ve had the pleasure of editing code with other #haskellers, using the collaborative text editor gobby. It was quite a lot of fun, and (somewhat surprisingly, to me at least) … Continue reading

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A word to the wise

If you only implement the less than operator in a custom Ord instance (on the theory that “I know I only need to implement one operation to get defaults for the others, and less than makes sense, since you can … Continue reading

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a plea for accountability

I really need to be finishing up this NSF graduate fellowship application. Chatting in #haskell is not helping. If you see me in #haskell anytime in the next few days, please have lambdabot slap me with a trout.

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Higher-dimensional enumeration

The other day in the #haskell IRC channel, some of us were playing around with generalizing Haskell list enumeration syntax: Prelude> [1..5] [1,2,3,4,5] First, we defined the (…) operator to perform enumeration, so it can be partially applied. (Unfortunately, we … Continue reading

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Monad.Reader article (Multiset partitions)

I imagine that most who read this blog have already seen it, but for those who haven’t, my article Generating Multiset Partitions has been published in Issue #8 of The Monad.Reader.  In it, I discuss the problem of generating multiset … Continue reading

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