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Hac φ is underway!

Hac φ is now in full swing, with almost 20 people hacking away and more coming tomorrow. More news and pictures to come!

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BumpTop private beta invite

I just got an email with an invite to download the BumpTop private beta, but right now there’s only a version for Windows. If you want it, let me know.

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a chicken monad

Yesterday, Mark Dominus took a picture of me eating a monad: It was a delicious Chicken monad. data Chicken a = Chicken (Egg a) data Egg a = Egg (Chicken a) instance Monad Chicken where …(exercise for the reader)

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Singing card guts

Ever wonder what’s inside those insufferable singing cards? I sure have. Well, I got one a week or so ago from my coworkers, when they took me out to a good-bye lunch. (It plays Smash Mouth’s “All Star”, in case … Continue reading

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Call for video cameras!

I’m posting this appeal here, in case anyone who reads it is planning to attend my talk on Saturday but isn’t subscribed to the FringeDC mailing list. I’d really love for my talk to be recorded on video, but so … Continue reading

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FringeDC formal meeting, March 22

I’ll be giving a talk about xmonad at next weekend’s FringeDC formal meeting — more details on exactly what I plan to talk about soon. In the meantime, the details are below. Come on out if you’re in the DC … Continue reading

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Carnival of Mathematics #23 — call for submissions

On December 28 I’ll be hosting the Carnival of Mathematics over at my other blog, The Math Less Traveled. If you have any interesting math-related posts you’d like to submit (CS-related posts are fine—even encouraged—as long as there’s some sort … Continue reading

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