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Beeminding for fun and profit

I’ve been using Beeminder (which I’ve mentioned once before) for a little over six months now. The verdict? Beeminder has changed my life. That sounds dramatic, but I’m not kidding. I am far more productive than I’ve ever been. I’m … Continue reading

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On being a researcher

Edward Z. Yang recently wrote about applying to grad schools. This paragraph caught my attention: … I frequently switch between thinking, “Oh, look at this grad student, he didn’t start having any publications till he started grad school—so I’m OK … Continue reading

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Binders Unbound

Stephanie Weirich, Tim Sheard and I recently submitted a paper to ICFP entitled Binders Unbound. (You can read a draft here.) It’s about our kick-ass, I mean, expressive and flexible library, unbound (note: GHC 7 required), for generically dealing with … Continue reading

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The random graph

Today in my finite model theory class we learned about the Rado graph, which is a graph (unique up to isomorphism among countable graphs) with the extension property: given any two disjoint finite sets of vertices and , there exists … Continue reading

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The Poisson distribution and Stirling numbers

While working on an assignment for my machine learning class, I rediscovered the fact that if X is a random variable from a Poisson distribution with parameter , then where denotes a Stirling number of the second kind. (I actually … Continue reading

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First day of class

I’ve been waiting for this day for four years now. It didn’t disappoint. This is shaping up to be a fun semester!

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My wife and I have now completed our move to Philadelphia! Nothing much to report, really — the move went very smoothly with a lot of great help from friends, and we’re slowly digging our way out from under all … Continue reading

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Philadelphia, here we come!

I’ve just accepted an offer of admission to the PhD program in computer science at U Penn! In particular I’ll be working with the PL group. I’m super-excited — especially since I’ve now been out in the “real world” for … Continue reading

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Visiting Portland!

Woohoo! I’m headed to Portland in a few weeks to visit PSU — arriving on the evening of Thursday Feb. 14 and heading back on the morning of Sunday the 17th. So I’ll have two whole days in which to … Continue reading

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A word to the wise

If you only implement the less than operator in a custom Ord instance (on the theory that “I know I only need to implement one operation to get defaults for the others, and less than makes sense, since you can … Continue reading

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